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On the back of the Treasury Committee’s report published today, we feel this is an optimum moment to get back in touch with all our MPs in order to really push for change for all of us who’ve been excluded. We urge everyone to consider writing to your MP today whilst this is fresh and current.

Here’s some guidance and a suggested plan that we feel will be really powerful:

1. Read ExcludedUK’s statement in response to the Treasury Committee’s report for background: READ HERE

In our statement, we wanted to present an overarching response in relation to all the different categories of those excluded and you can also put that to your MPs, illustrating the broad landscape of those ExcludedUK, while highlighting your own situation.

Feel free to send our statement to your MP, mentioning ExcludedUK, and with a letter highlighting the following:

2. Find your MP

You can find your MP here:

or, you can use this site to find your MP and write to them directly: (this site measures how responsive MPs are ie. whether they respond to letter or not, and you can also see their voting record and other useful info)

Whether you’ve had no response, an indifferent or vague response, or a supportive response from your MP from letters you’ve sent already, we now want to take to this another level and push for pressing change.

If your MP has not written to the Treasury already, urge them to do so, highlighting that the Treasury Committee have identified clear gaps in the Government’s Covid-19 support packages, and highlight with excluded category you fall into and why.

If your MP has already written to the Treasury on excluded issues, acknowledge and thank them for doing this, and then press them to write again highlighting the Treasury Committee’s report.

You can say in your letter, “Please see this report which comes from your parliamentary colleagues from a cross-party select committee…”

3. Refer to the full report and highlight what the recommendations are (check your category in the full report here: full report here:…/c…/cmtreasy/454/454.pdf and refer to the section “1: The people missing out on support”),

BUT if you disagree with the recommendations that apply to your specific situation, raise this with your MP whilst still welcoming the fact that the Treasury Select Committee has clearly identified and recognised these gaps and made specific recommendations.

Suggest what you feel would be the best solution to your specific situation but be mindful of keeping your suggested remedy reasonable in relation to the support that others have received and practical. Additionally, if you’re category isn't mentioned, raise it.

4. EDMs (Early Day Motions)

- if you are a small limited company, urge you MP to support EDM 351 if they haven’t done so already:…/support-for-small-limited-compa…

- if you are self-employed or a small limited company, urge you MP to support EDM 591 if they haven’t done so already:…/lack-of-financial-support-for-s…

- if your situation is not covered by these 2 EDMs, you may wish to ask your MP if they will table an EDM that fits your particular excluded category if your MP is supportive. If you need any guidance on this, just let us know

5. Remain natural, factual and calm

You can refer to THIS GOOGLE DOC if it helps, but here’s a summary of the key points:

- keep your letter succinct and to the point

- use a measured tone that is seeking help, not angry/berating

- personalise your letter as much as possible