ExcludedUK conducted a survey which revealed the following key findings: 





Employment Status: Survey_040720_80%_Have not been able to access_FBG

  • The largest grouping of those affected are the self-employed at 54%
  • 39% are limited companies There are clearly many who straddle more than one employment status, a further contributing factor for those who fall into these gaps in provision 
  • Small businesses (self-employed or limited companies) account for 63% 


  • 39% said their pre-Covid-19 income was under £25k; 47% between £25k-£50k; 13% between £50k-£100k 
  • 72% stated that they were now on less than 20% of their pre-Covid-19 income with a further 14% stating they were now on between 21%-40% of their pre-Covid-19 income 
  • 60% stated that they currently had no income or work and none on the horizon 


If there are no changes to Government support schemes in the next 3 months: 

  • 46% stated they will need to find another job
  • 44% stated they will need to live off savings
  • 38% stated they will consider changing industry/sector to find employment
  • 33% stated they would take on debt to stay afloat
  • 29% stated they may be able to survive financially for 3 months but no longer
  • 28% stated they would not be able to survive financially for the next 3 months
  • 12% stated they would file for bankruptcy/insolvency 


Covid-19 Support Schemes: 

  • only 4% of respondents who hoped to access SEISS were successful; 77% were ineligible for SEISS
  • 39% of limited company directors could not furlough themselves in order for their businesses to survive 
  • 80% have not been able to access either scheme and have been excluded entirely
  • 80% stated that they worked in manner such that they were not eligible for a business grant in relation to premises and rateable value > home/non-fixed/vehicle 



  • 61% also stated they were not eligible for Universal Credit, only 20% had managed to access it 



  • 73% stated that they were “very dissatisfied” with the GovernSurvey_040720_73dissatisfied_FBGment’s support packages, while a further 21% were “dissatisfied” 



  • 79% stated that they paid income tax, while 34% stated they pay corporation tax (39% of total respondents being limited companies), breaking down the assumption that some of those who fall into excluded categories are not taxpayers in line with those on PAYE 


Industries & Sectors: 

  • The largest sectors represented in this survey were: creative and media industries at 33%, followed by construction at 12%. However, many diverse industries and sectors were represented in this survey 


Source: ExcludedUK Survey as at 04 July 2020 from 2,237 responses  


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