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Army veteran Cheryl Jones, from Rotherham, is among those struggling after being excluded over the 50% self-employment rule. She started a small pet sitting business when she retired 10 years ago as her pension was not enough to live off and would not be increasing for 13 years. 

She has not worked since the country went into lockdown in March and has spent her free time volunteering as an NHS responder and for senior support groups. She was ‘shocked’ when her application for self-employment support was rejected because her business makes up 45% of her income, compared to 55% from her army pension. Cheryl said: ‘I am devastated, I have cried uncontrollably many times as I feel worthless, let down and abandoned by my own government in my hour of need. Army veteran Cheryl Jones, who owns a small pet sitting business, was excluded from self-employment income support because of her army pension‘I feel that my efforts to serve my Queen and Country and the sacrifices I have faced over 22 years of service to maintain our freedom now appear to be insignificant and disregarded. ‘This is not through any fault of my own. I have worked since I was 16 years old and have never been out of work, paid my Taxes and NI contributions. It is disgraceful and humiliating that, as a Veteran of the British Army for 22 years and an enterprising and successful owner of a small business, I now find myself in this position.’ The Treasury have confirmed that there will be no changes to the schemes, despite warnings from campaigners that the financial hardship was leaving people destitute and in some cases, suicidal.

Read the full story here: https://metro.co.uk/2020/07/30/mum-cystic-fibrosis-forced-break-shielding-earn-money-lockdown-13050708/

ExcludedUK is a newly formed non-profit NGO and serves as a collective platform for those entirely or largely excluded from the UK Government's Covid-19 financial support measures. We are a rapidly growing organisation and an inclusive community, representing a broad spectrum of individuals and businesses, but all sharing one common thread: we are excluded.As an organisation we will play a crucial role in facilitating support and assistance on multiple levels, both for now and into the future.Our aim is to build a stronger platform, raise awareness, lobby for support, raise funds for legal challenges and help enable the changes that are needed for those excluded.Most importantly, our hope is that our efforts can help propel affected individuals and businesses forward in the face of adversity resulting from Covid-19 and being excluded from Government support, while equally ensuring we are all able to help each other emerge from this crisis.

Excluded Newsroom

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Excluded UK is a new organisation launched to help those individuals and businesses who have found themselves excluded from the UK Government's Covid-19 financial support schemes.