Pivot Programme by FundingHubs.com

This is the New Normal.

Organisations all around the world, small and large alike, are trying to figure out how to adapt and respond to new needs and attitudes. The difference is that smaller businesses may not have the resources to survive long enough to find the answer.

From restaurants, cafes, pubs and music venues to hairdressers and event companies; an wide range of independent businesses can now get the support they need to survive and reopen with funding, engagement and feedback that can make all the difference now.

Having worked closely with the ExcludedUK team, FundingHubs.com have created a unique programme to support as many excluded businesses as possible. Especially those who otherwise might not survive this crisis or struggle to reopen and become viable again.

Offering a new source of funding which does not have to be repaid, the Pivot Programme enables businesses to seamlessly adapt their business models, and discover new income streams, guided by their re-engaged customer base. Moving them beyond survival mode, this model facilitates long-term customer loyalty and enhances business resilience for the ‘new normal’ post-covid in the process.

How does it work?

The Covid crisis disconnected you from your customer for a time. Reconnecting online via a Pivot Campaign enables you to connect in a new way and engage your customer more closely. Transform them into supporters and advocates - while gaining valuable feedback and funding you don’t have to repay.

Experts and coaches with a decade of experience will design, with you, your engagement campaign strategy and get you ready to launch... and support you all the way.


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With deep knowledge and experience of various crowdfunding models, the FundingHubs.com team knows how to re-engineer the entire model of a pre-defined 'crowd' to create pivot-customer funding; using an established business's existing customer base, existing product range and pressing need for funding, to generate required funds (that do not need to be repaid) whilst engaging customers online to become supporters and advocates without the guesswork. Live introductory webinar on Thursdays at 6pm!