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One-off Grant To Be Paid To Anyone Who Has Not Benefited From A Covid-19 Scheme

There are many people who through no fault of their own, have not qualified for any financial assistance during this time, eg. new starters, newly self-employed, freelancers, contractors and limited ... Started April 01, 2020

Annually PAYE Ltd Directors excluded from any government financial support!

We currently have 50 signatures.

The Government has set guidelines for HMRC for Limited Company Directors who are monthly PAYE to be able to furlough themselves but have completely made it impossible & have excluded those that are ... Started March, 2020

Small Ltd Company Directors to get Government support like the Employed and Self Employed

We currently have 246079 signatures.

Provide a COVID-19 Support Package in line with that offered to the Employed and Self-Employed. There are many owner managed businesses in the UK who own and operate under a Limited Company who have ... Started April 01, 2020

Coronavirus Support Package for Directors / Shareholders of small Limited Co's.

Provide a COVID-19 Support Package in line with that offered to the Employed and Self-Employed. There are many owner managed businesses in the UK who own and operate under a Limited Company who have ...

Self employed support grant for all

We currently have 1271 signatures.

The new corona virus self employed support scheme does not include those who have not submitted  a 2018/19 tax return. In other words anyone who set up as self employed between April 6th 2019 and ... Started March 2020

Allow PAYE freelancers to receive the UK government's COVID-19 self employed grant

We currently have 7,278 signatures.

UK Parliament - please do the right thing and protect and support PAYE freelancers whose work has been affected by COVID-19 by allowing them to qualify for the coronavirus self employed grant.  Rishi ... Started April 01, 2020

Financial support for the UK film industry employees, freelancers, contractors

As millions of people self isolate and will take comfort in TV and films via streaming or broadcast; the people who created this content are now jobless, facing a lack of income and have no support ...

Government to offer economic assistance to the events industry during COVID-19

For the UK government to provide economic assistance to businesses and staff employed in the events industry, who are suffering unforeseen financial challenges that could have a profound effect on ...

Pay self employed workers a wage due to lack of earnings caused by COVID-19

For the government to have a debate and authorise a top up of wages for the self-employed during the coronavirus outbreak. Regardless if they are infected or not, less people are travelling and going ...

Provide COVID19 income support for the newly self-employed, without HMRC records

I request COVID19 income support from the government, for the recently self employed with no HMRC records. On provision of legitimate proof of income. This hard working group should not be penalised ... Started April 01, 2020

Change the Furlough Support Scheme to include new hires after 28th February

The government have released the furlough worker support scheme, but it disadvantages and discriminated against those who have just changed jobs or are due to start a new job in the very near future. ... Started April 01, 2020

Provide COVID19 financial assistance only to companies paying UK corporation tax

COVID19 is a terrible thing to happen to the world, but it also gives us a chance to work together and shine a spotlight on corporate greed. We rarely get a chance to hold big corporations to account ...

Remove the 50% earnings barrier so all self employed workers to receive support.

Anybody who submits a self assessed tax return should be entitled to government support. Even if this means a graduated level of support. We want the government to reconsider the qualifications for ...

Extend maternity leave by 3 months with pay in light of COVID-19

In light of the recent outbreak and lock down, those on maternity leave should be given 3 extra months paid leave, at least. This time is for bonding and social engaging with other parents and babies ... Started April 01, 2020


We currently have 7577 signatures.

Allow mothers to exempt time spent on maternity leave from the average earnings for the self-employment income support scheme Started April 01, 2020

Remove the £50k earnings limit for self-employed to access government funding

Allow self employed earning over £50k to access government funding during Covid-19 pandemic Whilst the chancellor reports that the 5% earning over £50k/annum earn an average of £200k, there are many ...

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