Peer to Peer Support Scheme

Join the Wellbeing in Action Team

Thank you for participating in this survey.  The information you provide here is for the purpose of identifying the range of skills, knowledge, experience, capacity and desire to contribute to forming a wellbeing action plan for the benefit of the ExcludedUK Membership.

Some of the information required may involve you sharing personal data about your physical and mental health and wellbeing experiences and, therefore, is classified as highly sensitive.  Consequently, we would like you to know that your responses will be held securely and only accessed and used by the ExcludedUK Wellbeing Team Leaders & Co-ordinators for the sole purpose of internal team formation.  We do not reveal your identity in any document, public forum, media or data sharing scheme.

Despite our high regard for your confidentiality, we would ask you only to share information that you feel comfortable with our internal team knowing about, and where you find this useful to highlight the kind of role you feel capable and motivated to offer.

Following this survey, we will approach participants with suggestions of how they can begin to contribute to providing a robust, safe, and effective wellbeing service for the membership.  This may include you receiving a volunteer role description, being required to undertake some form of training, and being subject to a DBS check.  This will all be communicated to you when the roles have been identified, but if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Lindie Whitfield on:  before proceeding with this survey.

Your completion of the survey will be taken as your agreement for us to store your contact details and use this in contacting you about the work of ExcludedUK and Wellbeing in Action unless you indicate otherwise.

Thank you so much for coming forward with an offer of help.  So many members will face a difficult struggle in the coming months as they re-build their businesses and lives and your support is invaluable.