You're Excluded - Now What?

We appreciate this is a really frustrating, upsetting and stressful time. 

Although we're unable to provide any financial support (we wish we could!) we are doing all we can to build awareness within Parliament and in the press in a bid to have this awful injustice overturned. As a brand new non-profit NGO, we're committed to running fundraising campaigns, supporting with legal advice, working with our members to provide peer to peer support to our community and also working with partners to try to provide help and advice where it will make most impact.


Please do join the community to keep up to date with progress and in the meantime, there are a number of things you can do to help build awareness both for the campaign and the community, but also for your own circumstances.


Double-check your entitlements. 

As your circumstances change and your household income or savings start to be reduced, keep an eye on the eligibility checker to make sure you're not missing out on any state or Government benefits that have been put in to help you. 

Check out 'Entitledto' for individual benefit entitlements:

Use the website to ensure you're ineligible


Write to your MP.

You can find their details here:

Just enter your postcode and they will come up. They usually take a couple of weeks to respond, but please do not give up. There are tips on our website (link below) about how to write to your MP to avoid getting a standard response


Speak to your local authority.

Your local council are also able to look at a small business discretionary grant - More info here:

These are provided on a case by case basis, so we would recommend being explicit with your situation, and seeing whether there is anything that can be done to assist in helping you get back on your feet. They may also be able to lower your council tax too.


Ask for help.

If you are struggling with civil matters or are struggling to cover your rent it may be a good idea to contact your local CAB

If you are worried about debt, STEPCHANGE are a fantastic resource to help with ways in which to manage your finances throughout this crisis. Do not suffer in silence, use their helpful website to explore ways to deal with creditors and get support with debt.

Look after your mental health. Your health is the most important thing right now, and those that have been excluded are victims of a terrible injustice through absolutely no fault of their own. Feelings of despair and overwhelming pressure are normal when faced with such circumstances but you must remember, this is not your fault. If you are struggling with mental health or worried about your ability to deal with your feelings, please speak to Samaritans without hesitation.


Speak to someone in the same boat.

We have just set up our brand new community forum on our website;

It's a platform to facilitate the great collaboration and support that we've seen on our private Facebook group. The advantage being that it has easy to navigate, searchable topics making it easier to find the support you need. It's a space specifically for us to : -

  • Support each other, share knowledge, skills advice and equally ask for it.
  •  Look for collaborations and networking
  •  Introduce yourself and what you do, meet new friends, build opportunities, share ideas!
  •  Get up-to-date with the latest ExcludedUK news and announcements
  •  Find out which MP's are supportive 
  • Share your experiences with your MP's so we can update our lists.

We are making improvements to the Forum daily and we'd truly appreciate it if you could join the Forum and importantly use it so we can all help each other. This will help us to build this into the amazing support forum that we know it can be.


Share your story

We're always trying to encourage our members to become a case study that we can use in the press and drive more awareness. If you’re willing to share your story, please do send through your circumstances on our website: 

Our organisation is still only a couple of months old so we're working very hard on developing some brand new initiatives to help everyone going forward over what are set to be even more difficult months.  Please do keep visiting our site for more updates.


Wishing you all the strength and support,

All the team at ExcludedUK

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