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Even since last Friday's Silent Nights activity with #WeMakeEvents we've had another £3k in donations, and have now passed the original target so THANK YOU to everyone that supported in their own way.
The money raised can now be shared:
> 20% to Crisis the homeless charity
> 45% to events industry hardship fund Back Up
> 35% to supporting the well-being of so many within the ExcludedUK community
The streamed content from the night is now available here:


Main channel (Pillow Party): the 25 minute segment from 9m17s starts with our Children's Choir performance of Silent Night.

Dawn Chorus: watch Rachel Flower host the wrap-up chat with Tom Branston and Gary White at 49m40s. Before that you can see our fabulous yogi Maria Hennings Hunt and her Sun Salutation.

Alternative channel (Survival Session): Neil Long presents party music, a live performance from Frank Turner and interviews. At midnight (4h25m50s) you can hear the dedication he made to those that found 2020 just too much to bear.

Thanks again to everyone that took part and donated their hard-earned cash. Thanks to Tom Branston for conceiving the idea, and leading the team that developed and delivered the project. Thanks also to all the talent that volunteered to perform on the night.

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