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Thousands of affected members from within the ExcludedUK community have co-ordinated their own ‘Postcards to Rishi’ campaign to coincide with the return of Parliament after summer recess.

The campaign, which was organised by ExcludedUK's Community Facebook group members Kev Payne and Huw Davies, aims to further highlight the plight of the three million people who have been excluded from any meaningful financial support, by sending a postcard and a short handwritten message to the Chancellor, “To remind him that we have not gone away.”118617436_10158767403571214_8615625901091504200_n

The 18,000 strong Facebook community group for ExcludedUK, the volunteer organisation set up to highlight the ‘gaps in support’ in the governments Covid-19 financial support measures, is the source of a number of initiatives driven by the community in order to maintain awareness of those who have been unable to receive fair and equal access to the support schemes laid out by the Chancellor on 23rd March 2020. 

The idea for the campaign was first suggested back in June by Facebook group member, Gill Lang, who posted that to gain publicity, every member of the group should post a letter/postcard to 10 Downing Street on the same day. 

A few weeks later, another group member, Huw Davies, posted that he thought that original idea was great and he intended to send a postcard to Rishi Sunak, arriving on 1st September.

These ‘Postcard’ posts caught the imagination of Kev Payne, a writer and illustrator, who then came up with a simple effective design, enabling everyone to fill in their personal details.  

Kev said, “I thought sending hundreds of different postcards would be good, but I thought if everyone sent the same postcard, which they could adapt to their own circumstances, then it would reflect the togetherness of the community as a whole.”

750 postcards were printed and sold for just a penny each, enabling as many people as possible to get involved.  Templates were also made available for free download for those that wanted to make their own.

It is thought that over 2000 postcards will arrive at 11 Downing Street by Tuesday 1st September, each with a personal message, creating a powerful reminder to the Chancellor that these excluded UK tax payers are real people, facing real challenges – and with the support of ExcludedUK - are determined for recognition, parity and financial support.

Case Studies of those affected can be provided on request. 


About ExcludedUK:

ExcludedUK is a grassroots NGO, serving as a collective platform for those entirely or largely excluded from UK Government Covid-19 financial support measures, with a rapidly growing community of over 40,000 supporters. 

To join the community, supporters are invited to register at www.excludeduk.org, or follow us on social media. Donations can be made at www.excludeduk.org/donate, proceeds of which are used to provide urgent mental health support, business and career advice and assistance with debt management to those within the community who need it. 

For press enquiries please email press@excludeduk.org

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