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The Telegraph story starts by outlining the serious mental health impact experienced by those affected;

"Four people committed suicide last week after being locked out of Government grants, according to ExcludedUK, a non-profit organisation set up to provide a community and support to the estimated three million workers who have fallen through the cracks, receiving little to no money from the furlough or self-employed schemes.

Debt has soared as households have failed to meet basic needs and pay bills as work has dried up during Covid."

In an interview with The Telegraph, Aron Padley, of ExcludedUK, said: “Chancellor Rishi Sunak continues to ignore the stories of hardship. We are facing a mental health crisis like never before, which is the result of financial despair. The fact that it was all so easily avoidable makes it tough to swallow.”

Self Employed London Tour Guide Alex Lacey, who was excluded from accessing the Self-Employment Income Support grant due to having an income of just over the £50,000 cut off explains that she feels like a second-class citizen having not even been provided with access to the capped amount of £2,500 per month others have been able to receive on SEISS, and because of having a savings account for which she put aside her taxes, has also been denied access to Universal Credit. She doesn't expect her income to return within the next 6 months.

Read the Full Story in the Telegraph: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/consumer-affairs/four-suicides-last-week-despair-debt-three-million-excluded/



ExcludedUK is a non profit grassroots NGO founded to provide a platform for those denied fair and adequate financial support from the Governments COVID-19 Support schemes since the pandemic began in March. With a community of over 60,000 members across all industries, age groups and regions, we estimate that three million UK tax payers have been excluded from the same support as others, which has lead to thousands of people losing their livelihoods, careers, and homes, and sadly, for some, their lives. 

ExcludedUK has been fundraising to provide urgent help and support for those affected in the forms of business and career advice, debt support and 121 counselling sessions within 48 hours. Please find more information on our website www.excludeduk.org.

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