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Walk, Run, Roll or Cycle 3 million miles with us - a mile for every taxpayer who has been excluded from meaningful Covid-19 financial support through no fault of their own.

Today ExcludedUK has launched #3MillionMilesUK - a unique awareness and fundraising initiative.

The aims of #3MillionMilesUK are to:

  • offer a focus for the 3 million excluded from meaningful UK Government Covid-19 financial support – encouraging people to get outdoors, exercise and come together and build support
  • serve as a well-being and community project that aims to cover 3 million miles telling stories and raising awareness as we walk, run, roll or ride

Funds raised will go towards a support fund to provide mental health help, counselling, business advice and guidance, debt advice, skills and training. We want to get support to those who need it most.

We are asking people right across the UK to join us over the summer to get out and about and help us cover 3 million ‘people powered’ miles collectively, raising awareness and sharing photos and stories along the way. 

3MillionMiles logo on map background

Anyone can get involved – clock up a mile, 3 miles, 30 miles or more. We are encouraging ‘donations per mile’ or ‘sponsored miles' to build up a support fund, although people can of course get involved without making a donation.

Now well over four months on with little to no income for those excluded from meaningful support, this has been and continues to be a desperate time. Many are facing ever-increasing severe financial hardship and destitution, whilst a serious mental health crisis looms large.

The intention is for members of the ExcludedUK community to get outdoors, walking, running, rolling or cycling during the summer to promote better mental as well as physical health and well-being - something that could be of significant benefit to those otherwise distressed and suffering through being excluded, while equally to raise awareness and support, through engaging those affected, friends, family and beyond – including high profile figures from the world of sport and entertainment.

Lucy Whittington, 3MillionMilesUK Co-ordinator said, “There’s no escaping that mental health is high on the agenda for those excluded from Government financial support and we wanted to do something easy and inclusive to connect our community. Getting out in the fresh air, exercising and connecting with others we know can play a part, and that’s our simple aim. There’s no requirement for donations but we encourage them from any supporters and we’ll be spending money with other organisations to provide mental health and other counselling support to the excluded community. We’ve got a lot of miles to cover so if you can join in please do!”

Speaking in support of ExcludedUK, author, speaker and Micro Business Champion Tony Robinson OBE comments, "In my three decades of campaigning on behalf of small and micro business owners, this has to be both the worst and the best of times. The worst because the merciless Government discrimination against the excluded 3 million is causing such despair, the best because the wonderful community and movement which #ExcludedUK have created and actioned in such a short time is a triumph of voluntary talent, hard work, sheer guts and above all, much needed kindness.

Now we can all support the 3 million by talking to each other, helping each other and raising funds to support everyone excluded. I'm running 5 half marathons for my favourite charity in memory of my five friends but I'm going to commit all my training runs towards the '3 million miles'. Why not join me? Walk, roll, cycle or run  - it doesn't matter how or how much - just be there for each other. Thank you team #ExcludedUK' #YouRock and #MicroBizMatters" 

ExcludedUK is a volunteer-run grassroots non-profit NGO serving as an inclusive platform to amplify the voices of the 3 million excluded through no fault of their own and is committed to continuing to work towards bringing an end to the unfairness, injustice and discrimination in the Government’s Covid-19 financial support measures.

Further information: www.excludeduk.org/3millionmiles



an inclusive alliance for the excluded:

creating a collective platform for those excluded from UK government Covid-19 support





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Excluded UK is a new organisation launched to help those individuals and businesses who have found themselves excluded from the UK Government's Covid-19 financial support schemes.