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Dec 4, 2020 7:31:30 PM / by ExcludedUK

An article published today by inews, ExcludedUK says members are “losing all hope” and that its' volunteer staff have have had to call the emergency services to stop people taking their own lives.
In a tweet posted on Wednesday, ExcludedUK wrote: “This is national scandal that must be addressed immediately. If 8 people died on a stretch of road…there would be uproar. If 8 died from a new drug, there would be an investigation. Step up and act.”

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Rachel Flower, speaking on behalf of ExcludedUK said, “The Government has left millions of people without hope. Sadly, a point comes when some people think they have no other option left to them. It is inevitable that more people will die,”  

ExcludedUK, which was set up in May of this year to support and campaign on behalf of all those who have been excluded from the CJRS and the SEISS, estimates that three million people have fallen through the cracks of Government financial assistance.

According to a recent poll of 3,000 of ExcludedUK’s members, 450 people said they were having suicidal thoughts, while over 50% of those surveyed said they were suffering from depression.

ExcludedUK said some members have had to sell their homes, borrow money from friends and family, and rack up substantial credit card debts in order to survive.

Roger Parker, also from ExcludedUK, added: “A lot of people are massively in debt. Many are suffering from anxiety and depression and people are putting their houses on the market because they need the money."


READ MORE: https://inews.co.uk/news/business/forgotten-three-million-remain-frozen-out-covid-19-aid-783805

ExcludedUK is a non profit grassroots NGO founded to provide a platform for those denied fair and adequate financial support from the Governments COVID-19 Support schemes since the pandemic began in March. With a community of over 60,000 members across all industries, age groups and regions, we estimate that three million UK tax payers have been excluded from the same support as others, which has lead to thousands of people losing their livelihoods, careers, and homes, and sadly, for some, their lives. 

ExcludedUK has been fundraising to provide urgent help and support for those affected in the forms of business and career advice, debt support and 121 counselling sessions within 48 hours. Please find more information on our website www.excludeduk.org.



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