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The beauty industry suffered another huge hit last Saturday when Boris Johnson postponed the opening of close-contact services. The first instance was met with frustration, but now many fear for how they’re going to survive.

Katie Hulme, an established celebrity lash artist, opened her salon and academy at the start of 2020 with her business partner Sophie Dumville.  They closed just 11 weeks later due to the coronavirus lockdown, which means they’ve now been shut for longer than they were up and running.

Although some salons opened on July 13, the government stated 'only services that do not involve work in the highest risk zone – directly in front of the face – should be made available to clients', as it banned eyelash treatments and eyebrow services. “I am just one of thousands that this decision by the government is devastating. It’s incredibly wrong and it’s destroying the beauty industry,” said Katie, who has a number of soap stars on the books.

She continued: “We’re drowning; I feel low, worthless. “I don’t know what to do. I live in a really nice house that I've owned for 20 years, I could sell it, but why should I? “If you look in my cupboards now, I've joked about it, but I am literally living off soup.” 

Read the full story here: https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/beauty-salons-lockdown-opening-impact-18724304

ExcludedUK is a newly formed non-profit NGO and serves as a collective platform for those entirely or largely excluded from the UK Government's Covid-19 financial support measures. We are a rapidly growing organisation and an inclusive community, representing a broad spectrum of individuals and businesses, but all sharing one common thread: we are excluded.

As an organisation we will play a crucial role in facilitating support and assistance on multiple levels, both for now and into the future. Our aim is to build a stronger platform, raise awareness, lobby for support, raise funds for legal challenges and help enable the changes that are needed for those excluded.Most importantly, our hope is that our efforts can help propel affected individuals and businesses forward in the face of adversity resulting from Covid-19 and being excluded from Government support, while equally ensuring we are all able to help each other emerge from this crisis.

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Excluded UK is a new organisation launched to help those individuals and businesses who have found themselves excluded from the UK Government's Covid-19 financial support schemes.