Make A Donation

Excluded is a new non-profit organisation that exists to create one collective platform for individuals and businesses entirely or largely excluded from the Government's Covid-19 support schemes.

We represent the millions of self-employed, employees, limited company owners, and those who find themselves unemployed as a result of falling through the cracks. These individuals are facing the loss of their livelihoods as they approach the 8th week of low to zero income. Some are living off savings soon to run out, many have no savings.
Small business owners continue to have bills for overheads that are running high with no or little revenue to cover them. The mental health issues and longer-term financial hardship that come with this crisis are unprecedented and these people still remain ineligible for government support schemes.

We are seeking donations in order to create a 'fighting fund' that will provide financial support to individuals and their particular campaigns as well as industry groups fighting for parity for their communities.

This 'fighting fund' may be used to cover legal advice, administration fees, lobbying activities and awareness-raising campaign costs, all of which will be announced and followed on our Facebook Community group.

We bring together:
- Newly Self-Employed
- Self-Employed with +£50k trading profits
- PAYE Freelancers
- New Starters
- Denied Furlough
- Directors Paid PAYE Annually
- Directors of Companies not in Profit
- Directors Paid in Dividends
- New Businesses
- Low Investment Startups
- Ineligible for Business Grants
and many more...

We are committed to this cause which strives to fight for the many who are affected, and every donation, however small, will help.

Thank you all so much in advance for your continued support.