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Many campaign groups have been set up, mainly on Facebook, to draw attention to the specific circumstances of some of those groups of people who have been excluded from Government support schemes.

We actively support and amplify all of these campaign groups and on behalf of all of our members completely support all of their activity that helps to contribute towards the awareness that is so desperately needed.

Here at ExcludedUK we aim to work really closely with all of these groups in order to strengthen their voice, drive awareness to their causes and assist with media awareness. If you are a member of any of the below, please do share any developments on any of the groups and topics in our online community forum. 


Alternatively, please to keep in touch and join us on Facebook at and you can also follow and share any news, events, and press coverage from our facebook page

Annual PAYE Group

Limited Company Directors

An action group for Limited Company Directors excluded from furlough due to Annual PAYE. The cut off for the RTI submissions date is not suitable for those pay themselves and annual PAYE which is ...

Forgotten Freelancers


A group for support, advice and latest news regarding the #forgottenfreelancers - the estimated 5% of the British workforce who have been left behind by the U.K. government’s Covid financial ...


Limited Company Directors

The official #ForgottenLtd facebook page for Limited Company Directors affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. Update on campaign activity, news and awareness.

Limited Companies Excluded From Support

Limited Company Directors

Welcome to The #ForgottenLtd Campaign for Limited Company Directors affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. This is a space for small business owners to share ideas and practical suggestions and to ...


PAYE Freelancers

Welcome to the #ForgottenPAYE campaign HQ. We work for multiple employers on short contracts just as the self-employed do, but are forced to be paid through PAYE. This is due to government rules ...

New Starter Justice: A Campaign For New Starter Furlough

New Starters

There’s a glaring loophole in the support system for thousands of people, where people who changed jobs after 28 Feb 2020 are not eligible for the Job Retention Scheme and are now left with no ...

Self Employed Need Pay Too (coronacrisis)


This group is for everyone self-employed.  It’s not fair that employed workers get such security when some self employed, gig workers etc don’t. We work hard, we pay our taxes, our NI and after all ...

Small Business Owners United for Fair Covid-19 Treatment

Limited Company Directors

Directors of small and micro businesses are currently receiving no suitable government financial support for loss of earnings unlike other tax payers. Our dividends have been ignored although they ...

Supporters of the Maternity Petition

Parental Leave

Maternity Petition is about supporting families right now to have more certainty for their future. We are not just fighting for our survival, we are fighting for the mental health of parents and ...

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