ExcludedUK was formed in May 2020 and registered as a Community Interest Company with three founding directors, Sonali Joshi, Anneka Hicks and Aron Padley, in response to the financial challenges faced by individuals and businesses in light of the lack of government Covid-19 support. Rachel Flower also joined as a director soon after.

All four directors are small business owners affected adversely by lack of meaningful government Covid-19 financial support. Realising the scale of the issue and their devastating impacts on so many across every walk of life, profession and industry, Anneka, Aron, Rachel and Sonali coalesced around the idea of creating an organisation that could operate as a support mechanism and a wider movement for a community of individuals and businesses entirely or largely excluded from the Government’s support packages through no fault of their own. All too aware that the issues they face as small business owners are part of a far broader and starker picture, the four set out to illustrate the interconnectedness of the issues and to advocate for parity in support and justice for the 3 million excluded at this critical time.

At its heart, ExcludedUK is a community-driven platform, while the team behind the organisation seek to drive the agenda forward by instilling positivity and enabling empowerment to reach the other side of Covid-19 and beyond for what is estimated to be 3 million, equating to 10% of the UK workforce.