Aron Padley, Founder


Aron Padley ExcludedUK
Aron Padley is a director of a leading and award winning Bridal and Menswear boutique on the South Coast of England which was formed in 2007. Aron has extensive experience in managerial roles predominantly with a banking background. He held senior management positions within a major high street bank before moving on to the investment banking sector for a leading US bank.

With the sudden arrival of Covid-19 at the forefront of the news my business was forced to close with near to 1000 weddings postponed and the future suddenly looking very uncertain.

With a new focus needed and unexpected spare time available my new challenge was suddenly aligned with two other directors in a similar situation to myself. We shared the same passion and belief and felt that it was our responsibility to attempt to create something positive from the situation we found ourselves in which lead to the start of ExcludedUK.
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