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Set yourself a personal 'mileage target' and get friends and family involved in supporting you! 


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Looking for an excuse to get fit or spend more time outdoors with the family?

Why not set yourself your own target of miles you want to achieve by a certain date and raise money for the community at the same time!

Encourage your friends and families, work colleagues, tennis teams, Strava groups or anyone else you can think of to fundraise and support you in reaching your goals!





Here's how to set up your own fundraiser...


  1. Choose a target number of miles you want to challenge yourself (or your team) to do - use this to name your project! ie; 'Emma's 100 mile challenge' / 'Nottingham Park Runners 500 mile challenge'
  2. Use the 'Get Started' button above or click here to go to the Crowdfunder platform using a dedicated link to start your very own fundraiser. You'll need to set yourself a goal amount that you’re hoping to make and the postcode of where you are based.
  3. Upload a picture, or a quick 1 min video video or yourself outlining your personal challenge, then write a few sentences about your aim and your story. Try to be as personal as possible with your own story. This is your personal chance to share the challenges you and so many others have faced since lockdown began.
    These don't have to be too comprehensive, but also include a couple of sentences to explain what you're doing and the benefit of donations. 
  4. Publish your personal fundraiser and then promote your own link on social media and get your friends and families to sponsor YOU to achieve your own personal goal!



Scroll below to see a whole load of images and examples you can save and use to help promote your own fundraiser on your social media platforms. Feel free to make your own and make sure you take photos and share your journey using the hashtag #3MillionMilesUK.


We will support you every step of the way - any funds you raise will go directly into the original parent project and everything will be automatically be linked!

Let's reach 3 million miles together!

#3MillionMilesUK campaign assets

Feel free to use any of the below images to help share your own fundraisers and your own campaigns with your friends and families. 

You can also download the logo .zip files below.